What is PRF?

Pulsed Radio Frequency (PRF) is a proven, safe, and effective method used to relieve chronic pain including headache, backache, and all types of persistent pain. High frequency radio waves are pulsed through an insulated cannula (needle) at specific target areas in the spine. These pulses reduce the pain signal being carried by the nerve. Most importantly, Pulsed Radio Frequency relieves pain without creating heat that could damage the nerves or surrounding tissue.

Pulsed Radio Frequency (PRF) is not to be confused with the old-fashioned, destructive technique, Radio Frequency Ablation (RFA), which uses heat that will burn, damage, or destroy a nerve and surrounding tissue.

Put simply, the Pulsed Radio Frequency technique is like fine tuning a radio that has lots of static or is not playing clearly. When done properly, the pain or misery is gone and you feel well again.

When an area of the body is injured or degenerates, like a disc or joints in the spine, pain results next to the spine or in other areas. This can lead to headache, neck pain, back pain, pain or burning in the arms or legs and hands or feet. In fact, pain almost anywhere in the body can often be eliminated or reduced by using the PRF techniques.

Just as you might use a dimmer to turn down the lights in a room, Pulsed Radio Frequency can dim or turn off the pain signals being carried through specific nerves and raise the pain threshold level without disturbing function. In other words, when the pain threshold is raised your body’s tolerance for pain increases, so you feel less pain.