Patients can expect to be treated in a professional, personal, and respectful manner by the staff and by the doctor.

They will be spoken to with words that they can understand so when they leave after the consultation they will have a full understanding in their terms (understandable language) what the problem involves.

At the time of the consultation the patient will be advised as to the best therapy for their problem.

Feel the full effects of the treatment.

There may be some minimal tenderness from the procedure. Patients frequently feel better right away. Patients frequently feel so much better they forget they had a problem to begin with. Be sure to follow Dr. Cohen’s instructions for the short recovery period to ensure the continuing long-term relief/successful outcome.

Blocks are diagnostic.

Sometimes after the consultation lifestyle changes are suggested, anti inflammatories could be prescribed, or physical therapy. There are a variety of options. When those are not adequate we can do diagnostic blockages, administration of steroids, and ultimately RF and pulsed RF.

Cortisone has a lot of system affects. It can reduce inflammation. The cortisone will reduce the swelling and inso doing it also has pain relieving properties and is not necessarily permanent. Cortisone has a lot of side effects, it can cause aseptic necrosis of the joint, raise BP, raise circulating glucose if diabetes, retention of fluids can occur if you have heart disease.